• To promote scriptural holiness.
  • To create a formal venue for fellowship, reporting and consultation for Wesleyan Methodist National Conferences in the South Pacific.
  • To coordinate opportunities and standards for theological education, ministry training and development of leaders in the Wesleyan tradition.
  • To provide a unified regional body to coordinate evangelism and missionary ventures in the region
  • To nurture an ongoing relationship with Global Partners (Wesleyan World Missions of North America), and the General Conferences of the Caribbean, Japan, North America and the Philippines.
  • To be influential as the evangelical Methodist/Wesleyan movement in the South Pacific, and to be a point of contact for other denominations in the John Wesley family of churches.

The SPC will usually meet every 4 years, timed to coincide with other events or national conferences, and will be a time for celebration, worship, welcoming of guests and missional forums.

The Regional Board serves as the chief governing body in the interim of Regional Conference sessions. Membership consists of the National Superintendents and two lay leaders from the two national conferences (Australia and New Zealand), and the National Superintendents of their mission units; Solomon Islands (Australia) and Bougainville (New Zealand). The Regional President will be appointed on a rotational basis from among the National Superintendents of the member national conferences.


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